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  2. Development


    Being the most valuable in-depth partner in the industrial control and power industry!


    Integrity ---- Keep promises and take responsibility
    Cooperation ---- Interworking,Mutual trust and teamwork.
    Concentration ---- Focused requirements and applicable quality
    Innovation ---- Pursuing excellence and developing new ideas
    Speed ---- Winning spirit and crisis awareness

    Management Concept:

    Willing to work,Strive for excellent,Develop Potetial,Create better future。

    Business Purpose:

    Customer Satisfaction、Fast Service、Innovation、Sustainable Development


    Excellent design ability, perfect experimental testing

    Complete process capability, fast delivery capacity

    Accurate customized management, full coverage of sales service

    Development path:

    2017, the company's power monitoring and energy management system cloud platform application program was officially put into use.

    2016, the company's new generation of intelligent regulator PID algorithm was officially introduced into the application of temperature control instrument and intelligent regulator product, which solved the control stability under complex conditions and the ability to quickly restore stable state after the control object was disturbed;

    2015, the company's first generation of power monitoring and energy management system software was successfully developed.

    2013, completed the upgrade of the old models, and launched several series of intelligent power monitoring products.

    2010, our company officially entered the power automation field, which became the next growth point of the TOKY brand.

    2009, with the application of paperless office management system, the communication efficiency and procedure management has been further improved. 

    2008, began to participate in the drafting of a series of national standards for industrial automation products work

    2006, after the relocation to self-built industrial park, our production capacity has been greatly improved

    2004, our company has passed the certification of IS09001 :2000 International Quality Management Systerm.

    2000, ERP production management system was applied, and our products had covered a wide range of industrial monitoring and control products with thousands of models.

    1996, officially introduced digital voltage/ampere meter, counter meter, timer, frequency meter and other series of instruments. 

    1992, our company was established, and we launched inductive/capacitive proximity sensor the same year.

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