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  2. New Products │TKX Series Inductive Proximity Switches

    Add Date: 2019-7-3    Views: 2248

    TKX Features:

    Built-in power protection, signal protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, surge

    protection and other circuits;

    40mm full-thread nickel-plated brass cylinder with longer installation length;

    With toothed nut, it is not easy to loosen and the fixing is firmer;

    Repeat the detection of the difference within 5%, the induction is more sensitive;

    IP65 protection level

    High-strength, wide temperature range flexible cable, 32-strand copper core wire and built-in fiber line for improved

    tensile and bending resistance

    1, The New Structure Appearance

    2, Load Overcurrent Protection

        The output control circuit adds a double-load protection function of overheating and current limiting to prevent the load

    from being abnormal, causing excessive current, short circuit, etc. to damage the proximity switch.

    3, High Voltage Pulse Absorption Protection

        Absorbs the inductive load power-off transient reverse voltage, and the industrial field electromagnetic interference

    induced voltage, improving proximity switch reliability.

    4, Power Supply Voltage Fluctuation Voltage Regulation Function

        The power supply part of the proximity switch is added to the voltage stabilizing circuit, and is not affected by the

    fluctuation of the external power supply voltage during operation, the working stability is improved, and the anti

    interference ability is stronger.

    5, Working Environment Temperature Compensation Function

        The circuit is optimized for ambient temperature compensation to ensure that the detection distance and the accuracy of the detection hysteresis remain stable within the rated working environment of -20 to 70°C;

    6, Power-on InstanPulse Output Suppression Function

        The newly designed power-on transient pulse output (fault) suppression function effectively solves the special condition

    application where there is no pulse signal output at the moment of power-on.

    7, Line Anti-Connection Protection

        The circuit design incorporates the humanized true meaning of the supply voltage anti-connection protection function (three-wire arbitrary wiring protection), avoiding the risk of human damage during installation and commissioning.

    8, The Return Distance is Less Than 5%

        The standard detects the distance difference between the object and the sensor, and the distance between the sensor's “action” and “reset”.

    9, The Application of Proximity Switches

         Widely used in mechanical equipment stroke position detection, automatic equipment motion detection, counter number detection and other occasions.

    10, Model Description

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