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  2. Another national standard officially issued by Guangdong Dongqi

    Add Date: 2019-9-24    Views: 961

    The industry standards of the specific stages and milestones of the commissioning of electrical, instrumentation and control systems in the process industry, which was drafted by Toky Electric Co., Ltd., were officially released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration. Implemented on January 1.

    Up to now, Guangdong Dongqi has participated in the drafting of more than 20 national standards. In the process of participating in the formulation of national standards, it has deepened the technical exchanges with the experts, industry experts and research institutes. And combined with the company's product development and market application experience, our instrumentation industry has achieved rapid development and technological progress.

    Some of the national standards that have been involved in drafting and issuing

    Company's latest product display

    GTE2 features:

    1, two-way heating, two-way cooling control output2. Isolation between each signal input channel
    3, optional relay, SSR, 4 ~ 20mA adjustment output
    4, two-way self-tuning, two-way PID fuzzy adaptive algorithm
    5, RS485 communication, a bus can be connected to 32 modules
    6, rail type installation, plug terminal wiring, LCD display

    New features of CI-W:

    1, eliminate encoder jitter interference2. New batch accumulation and total amount accumulation function
    3, RS485 high-speed communication (19200bps)
    4, up to 20KHz input frequency, NPN, PNP switching
    5, the output delay range is 0.01 ~ 499.99 seconds
    6, the anti-interference performance is further improved

    TP features:

    1, LCD segment code LCD screen, ultra-bright backlight screen, wide viewing angle

    2, short casing design, saving installation depth
    3, a variety of input signal types are optional, a variety of instrument models are available
    4, with measurement display, control output, alarm output, transmission output, RS485 communication and other communication functions
    5, a variety of PID control algorithms can be selected, and has a self-tuning function

    TKX features:

    1,Built-in power protection, signal protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, surge protection and other circuits;2, with a toothed nut, not easy to loose, fixed more secure;
    3,Repeat the detection of the difference within 5%, and the induction is more sensitive;
    4, IP65 protection level
    5, high strength, wide temperature range soft cable, 32 strands of copper core wire and built-in fiber line to improve tensile and bending resistance

    Single/three-phase solid state relay features:

    1, zero crossing or random conduction switch

    2, TRIAC output or SCR output
    3, medium withstand voltage 4000VACrms
    4. Optional built-in MOV protection, TVS protection or RC protection

    Single/three-phase voltage regulation module features:

    1, load current: 25A, 40A, 60A, 80A

    2, phase shift control output
    3, medium withstand voltage 4000VACrms
    4, optional built-in MOV protection or RC protection
    5, in line with RoHS

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