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  2. Human Machine Interface

    Model: DTSD/DSSD8080 Series 3 Phase Energy Meter

    Meet the special requirement of GB/T 17215.301-2007 multifunction meter.
    Meet the accuracy requirement of GB/T 17215.322-2008 0.2S level active energy.
    Communication protocol is compatible with DL/T 645-2007.
    Forward/reverse direction,4 quadrant energy,time-sharing measure,rate measure and etc functions.
    The perfect demand function,event recording function,cooling function and power reading,etc.
    With measured function of all the electrical parameters,such as voltage,current, power,frequenc and power factor.
    1unit IR communication port and 2 units RS485 communication port.
    Relay control function,it can be remote control or programming control signal at the scene. 
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