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  2. Human Machine Interface

    Model: DDZY8080-L Series Single Phase Energy meter

    Optional Multi-power active energy accuracy(0.5S,1.0level)
    When the load current≤80A,it doesn’t need external current transformer.(only limit 5(80)A product)
    1loop active energy pulse(suit to A type pulse output standard)
    1loop RS485 communicated port,optional MODBUS-RTU or DL/T645-2007 procotol
    Industrial segment LED,with white backlight.Dividing 2 rows and displaying electrical parameter and energy information.
    True virtual value measure,parameters and energy information display fixedly and automatically,or through converting on the panel key.
    It accord with DL/T 614、GB/T 17215 relevant technical requirement of electronic energy meter.
    Optional rate function,setting max 12 hours/day,total 4 kinds rate.
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