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  2. Signal Isolators

    Model: PE Single-phase Power Isolation Transmitter with Full-parameter

    24mm wide,ultra small volume din rail mounting.
    With LCD display function,it`s convenient to spot debugging and observe measured value.
    Measure single-phase voltage,single-phase current,power factor,active power,reactive power, appearant power and active energy.
    Measured range:Voltage 5~450V,Current 0.015~5A,above 5A with extra transfor to cooperate current ratio Ct.
    1loop programable analog output function(DC:4~20mA)
    Optional 2loop alarm output function.
    Optional 1loop RS485 communication function with international & universal MODBUS-RTU procotol(Only one choose between the communication and alarm function)
    Voltage,current input signal adopt electromagnetic isolation technology,to effectively guarantee the high-reliability.
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