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  2. Signal Isolators

    Model: PT Seires Signal Isolator

    Isolation transmitter & safety barrier combines isolating, signal conversion, micromation and high-reliability as a whole,which solves various problems in control system such as signal collecting safety,signal conversion,anti-interference,ect. It is widely used in automatic field such as rail transport, electricity,communication,instrumentation monitoring, etc.
    With LCD display & key operation function,to convenient to set field parameters.
    Optional 4~20mA、0~10V、0~400Ω、TC、RTD and etc signal
    1 input 2 output,2 input 2 output,1 input 1 output and etc various combination way of analog
    Menu can switch signal input.
    RS485 communication
    Measuring signal adopt photoeletric isolation technology.
    Optional 1loop alarm output of free setting.

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