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  2. Solid State Relay

    Model: RHA Enhanced Solid State Relay

      Use of two single phase SCR enhanced communication control mode, under the condition of the same power,the chip area is twice as large as, so that improve Performance Indicators,such as SCR load capacity, impact of voltage and current conduction time and etc,and the area of the chip and heat sink also doubled.Compared with the normal type,SCR TRIAC is greatly improved on reliability, service life and load capacity.
     Using photoelectric coupling isolation,Compressive strength read 2kv between the input - output - fin.
    Zero-cross activation,to avoid high-frequency interference when on \ off.
    RC filter circuit can absorb Surge avoid malfunction occurs and to protect the chip.
    RHA adopt 2 signal phase reverse parallel SCR to constitute enhanced control mode.
    RFA adopt large volume of chip welding technology with large loading allowance and high coefficient of heat transfer, etc
    The input use constant current circuit to ensure consumption between 6 ~ 32 v current constant.

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