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  2. Temperature Controller

    Model: AI708 Intelligent Temperature Controller

    Temperature controller read the actual temperature value according to signal sampling of the temperature sensor ,then compares the actual temperature with the setting temperature,and adopt intelligent PID control algorithm to output an analog or switching value,so that drive relay or high-power actuators to achieve heating or cooling control,and it controls the actual temperature constantly in the setting value range.
    TC/RTD/analog signal,universal software choose input.
    0.3%FS high-accuracy signal measurement.
    2 degree PID arithmetic with positive and negative control output.
    Optional kinds of control output,heating control with linear output.
    2 loop alarm,Optional kinds of alarm type.
    Rich size,big LED display.
    RS485 communication,ModBUS-RTU protocol.
    Industrial level of EMC test and higher reliability.

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